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We are back working hard on the next generation Vampire MUD. While we acknowledge that we don't have the greatest coding skill, we are in the right... Show more

Our hosting plan names have been changed. I bet you can get where they came from...

Added a "contact us" link on the host splash page, and in the hosting area the field descriptions are always displayed and don't require you to... Show more

albion posted a new announcement5 months ago

Cómo obtener logros en 4 fotos 1 palabra.

If you are playing the popular game "4 Pics 1 Word" and have reached level 537, you may be wondering how to get the achievements or "achievements"...

Anagram Game and Solvers
Adrian Kelley created a new topic ' syntax help?' in the forum. 6 months ago

I'm trying to setup different start rooms for each base class. The Grinder and help files/manuals appear straight-thieft ford but I've yet to get it to work. I believe I have a problem with the syntax. I want something like START_FIGHTER=New Room#1
START_THIEF=New Room#2, and so on....


Otis Macabre is friends with Marisa Giancarla

Kalakor is friends with Vide Noir

Vide Noir created a new topic ' How to restore backups in putty?' in the forum. 9 months ago

As title says, i wish there was some sort of help about that.


albion created a new group 9 months ago

Anagram Game and Solvers

Where is the use of an anagram maker?You've probably wished you had some assistance available if you've ever played a game like Word with Friends!...
Nick has a new profile cover. 10 months ago

Type O Negative, Love You To Death


Scott Herren is friends with Vide Noir

Scott Herren created a new group 10 months ago

Vampire the Masquerade: Castle Rock By Night

Most of the game is based on 2nd Edition Vampire the Masquerade. The MUD is currently in an Alpha stage, but we're growing!

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